What we do

Networking Opportunities

We provide our members with networking opportunities via our meetings and informal Q&A sessions held after every event

Thematic events

We host thematic events with guests from investment banking and finance industry. We have already organized events on such topics as ECM, DCM, M&A, S&T, private equity, asset management and others

Meet Senior Speakers

Apart from regular thematic events, we are fortunate to provide our listeners with opportunity to meet senior speakers who can share their vast experience in the finance related industries


We share knowledge in finance in general, and also specifically assist our students with gaining access to the industry through careers and banking guides and other exclusive materials we prepare

Facts & Figures
Years old
Society Timeline

October-2013: NES Suits & Securities Society was founded by Alexander Belyakov, Svyatoslav Mikhailov, Ivan Mozharov and Yaroslav Rumyantsev with the help of Svetlana Volkova

December-2013: First season closing (a total of 3 events held)

March-2014: Renovation of the club’s management team

October-2014: Meeting locations moved to Skolkovo (new NES campus)

January-2015: Rebranding of the club to NES Banking & Finance Society

January-2015: First 1000 subscribers, 10 events held and more then 80 listeners per event on average

June-2015: NES Banking & Finance Society joined International Finance Society Association (IFSA)


Why is your website in English?

Since June-2015, our club joined International Finance Society Association. This implies that the website now may be interesting for students from different parts of the world.

How can I find information on the club's events?

To be up-to-date with our events you can either:

1) search for updates on the website,
2) search for updates in our groups in social networks (see,
3) register for any of our events and your e-mail will be automatically added to the recipients list.

Do I need to apply for events?

Yes, everyone should register for our events in a google-doc form. This form is prepared for each event and can be easily found in any announcement. This is mandatory, as we need to order a special access card to Skolkovo for every attendee.

Who can attend? Are only NES students eligible for your events?

Our club is an open platfrom for all students and young professionals seeking to start their job in banking and finance. Everyone is welcome to attend our events.

Are your events free of charge?

Yes, our events are completely free of charge. We are a non-commercial student organization and we do not charge any type of payment for our events.

Where do you hold your events?

Since October-15, all our events are held at the NES Campus in Skolkovo. In 2016 we also expect to have the majority of our events there. If anything changes, we will notify you.

How can I get to Skolkovo?

Please, see a detailed answer to this question in the Contacts section of our website (link).

Who are the executives of the club?

Our club is managed by the students of New Economic School interested in banking and finance.  At the moment our team consists of thirteen active members, and we will be further expanding our team next year. Most of our members already have working experience in investment banking industry.

How can I contact the club's management team?

Please feel free to contact us via our corporate e-mail –  (we do check it regularly).

International Finance Students Association Partnership

We are delighted to announce that in June-2015 we signed a partnership agreement with IFSA to exclusively represent it in Russia as a Moscow Chapter.

We believe that collaboration with IFSA is a unique opportunity to reach a new level in development of NES Banking & Finance Society. We will contribute to the growth of IFSA and all of its Chapters via sharing ideas, expanding finance student network and participating in joint projects. We hope our efforts and passion will help to strengthen IFSA network and create a fruitful collaboration.

Meet our team


Daniil Evseev

  • Joined the team at June 2015
  • President of the club since 2016
  • Study: NES BAE’18 student
  • Professional interests: management consulting
  • Hobbies: snowboarding, traveling, languages


Pavel Lebedev

  • Joined the team in October 2016
  • Head of International Relations
  • Study: BAE’18 Student
  • Work experience: internship at Credit Suisse
  • Professional interests: asset pricing, investment management
  • Hobbies: skiing, art theory, cinema

Julia Karpushenkova

  • Joined the team in October 2016
  • Partnerships & PR
  • Study: NES BAE’19 student
  • Work experience: internships at Barclays and Nomura
  • Hobbies: dancing, traveling


Vlad Kudryashov

  • Joined the team in November 2016
  • Head of Event Management
  • Study: NES BAE 19 Student
  • Work experience: internships at Credit Suisse and Ernst & Young
  • Professional interests: corporate finance, M&A
  • Hobbies:crossfit, game theory

Kirill Ozmitel

  • Joined the team in November 2016
  • Head of Team Development
  • Study: NES MAF'18 student
  • Work experience:
  • Professional interests:
  • Hobbies:

cropped-NES-transparent.pngSofiya Polovkova

  • Joined the team in October 2016
  • Study: NES BAE'18 student
  • Work experience: internships at J.P. Morgan, Bank of America Merril Lynch, Europe Finance and Sberbank
  • Professional interests:
  • Hobbies: chess


Daria Lyalyueva

  • Joined the club in October 2015
  • Study: NES BAE'18 student
  • Work experience: internships at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Tinkoff Bank
  • Professional interests: markets
  • Hobbies: humanities, travelling


Ksenia Chursina

  • Joined the team in November 2016
  • Study: NES BAE'19 student
  • Work experience: internships at McKinsey & Company and Nike
  • Professional interests: game theory, microeconomics
  • Hobbies: travelling, skiing


Anton Belousov

  • Joined the team in November 2016
  • Study: NES BAE'19 student
  • Work experience: internships at Scoring Studio and Bashneft
  • Professional interests: management consulting
  • Hobbies: cars, technologies

Ivan Goncharov

  • Joined the club in November 2016
  • Study: NES BAE'18 student
  • Work experience: internships at Credit Suisse, Voskhod Capital and Buran Venture Capital
  • Professional interests: venture capital, corporate finance
  • Hobbies: sports


Sergey Vororzhtsov

  • Joined the team in November 2016
  • Study: NES MAF'18 student
  • Work experience: internship at Finans Invest
  • Professional interests: corporate finance, fixed income
  • Hobbies: football, cooking dishes of italian cuisine


Daniil Bushuev

  • Joined the team in November 2017
  • Study: NES BAE'20 student
  • Work experience: internship at BCG
  • Professional interests: investment banking, venture capital
  • Hobbies: basketball


Maxim Chupilkin

  • Joined the club in November 2016
  • Study: NES BAE'20 student
  • Work experience: internships at Larchfield ltd., IGC
  • Professional interests: equity analysis, fixed income
  • Hobbies: skiing, surfing, traveling


Julia Ratavnina

  • Joined the team in September 2014
  • Study: NES BAE'17 student
  • Work experience: internship at family office hedge fund
  • Professional interests: equity analysis, corporate finance
  • Hobbies: Judo, football


Gleb Pashenko

  • Joined the team in November 2016
  • Study: NES BAE'20 student
  • Work experience:
  • Professional interests:
  • Hobbies: soccer, poker