IBD cycle #2: Equity Capital Markets in Russia and developing countries

Dear friends!
We are glad to invite you to our second event in the on-going IBD cycle – “Equity Capital Markets in Russia and developing countries” with a Renessans Capital associate Mikhail Makhianov (NES, MAE’14).
Mikhail will talk about his work in Equity Capital Markets and major differences from the similar position in IBD / M&A department. You will get a chance to learn about the current state and trends of primary capital market across developing countries, get a detailed insight into the IPO process and other ECM products.
What is the banks’ role in the IPO syndicate? How do you choose a particular stock exchange to list on? Specific features of IPOs in Russia and when to wait for the next issuer? Our speaker will answer these and other questions and also share his personal advice on building a career in IB.
The meeting will take place on February 27, 19.00 at NES Skolkovo Campus.
Registration is necessary to participate in the event:
Looking forward to see you!