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Fintech cycle #4: Tinkoff vs. Fintech

Dear friends!

We invite you to meet Georgy Chesakov – vice president for the development of new channels for attracting clients at Tinkoff Bank.

At this meeting you will learn:

• How the most high-tech bank implements fintech solutions and how it manages to retain leadership in such a competitive environment?
• What lessons did George receive as a part of his work and how will they help you build a career?
• What career options does Tinkoff Bank offer to students in your specialty and how to pass the screening?

George is the man standing at the origins of the whole fintech industry formation in Russia. He completed a masters degree in computer technology  at Princeton, set up retail lending business in Investsberbank, was the operational director of Tinkoff Bank at the initial stages of the company’s development and was engaged in the development of fintech start-ups in Russia, being co-founder of Revo Technology and serving as chairman of the bank’s OTP Bank board.

Time: April 18 at 18:30

Venue: Leninskie Gory Str., 1, page 46 (Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics), in class P7.

Hurry up to register by clicking the link before 11:59 PM on April 16:

The event is organized by NES Banking & Finance Society in cooperation with UpGrade.