Fintech in Russia #1: from the point of investment banker

Do you want to know how mobile payments and P2P lending transform traditional banking? Is fintech really a threat to the existence of banking? What is blockchain and why is it considered the most important breakthrough since the  creation of internet? Does Russia fall behind or forestall the rest of the world in fintech innovations?
We are launching our first cycle of lectures on financial technologies and we are pleased to invite you to our opening event “Fintech in Russia: from the point of investment banker» with NES (MAE2012) graduate Andrey Pavlov-Rusinov.Andrey is now a Sberbank CIB Financials Equity Research analyst. He participated in IPOs of Moscow stock exchange and Tinkoff bank and previously worked at Goldman Sachs. He will cover the main fintech trends in Russia and discuss whether  the new financial technologies pose a threat to the banking industry as we know it. He will also answer your questions about a career in equity research.The event will take place on Thursday, January 26 at 19.00 at NES campus at Skolkovo (Rm 1.14).

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Looking forward to see you!