How will blockchain change the future of finance?

Dear friends!

We know that you have heard a lot about blockchain. Experts from different spheres are trying to incorporate this technology. It is no surprise that the first meeting of this season will be about blockchain influence in the financial sector.

How blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will change finance and investment? How to be useful in this new advanced industry if you have a degree in Economics or Finance? What is the future of the blockchain in Russia?

These and many other topics will be covered by Yaroslav Kabakov, deputy director of Finam. Finam is one of the biggest participants of the Russian stock market, characterized by their technological approach.

Event will be useful for people who are interested in new technologies in finance and for those who wish to pursue a career in this sector.

The meeting will be held on 22 November, 19:00 at New Economic School, Novaya str.100A, room 114. 

We are waiting for you!