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Event Profile

Main information

  • Participants will provide a research of the selected company and pitch their investment recommendation
  • The competition will consist of two rounds
  • Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the second round will take place on NES campus


  • Only Bachelors or Masters degree students can compete
  • You must compile a team of 3-4 participants
  • If you do not have any team members we can help you find them


  • Our judges are investment industry professionals with extensive experience

  • They grade participant’s presentations and provide feedback

BFS Role

  • We organise every step of the competition
  • We provide support and interim feedback for participants during the process
  • We negotiate with judges and HR departments

Reasons to Compete

Competitive advantage

Upgrade the candidate profile and enhance chances to get the desired offer

Learning opportunity

Hands-on mentoring and Intensive training in financial analysis

Test yourself

Each student will be tested on their analytical, valuation and presentation skills

Try a research analyst role

Students gain real-world experience as they assume the role of a research analyst

Event Timeline


  • Participants have to prepare a team of 3-4 people
    • In case a participant needs a team, they must type “seek a team” or “no team” in order for us to connect them with others who seek a team
  • During registration each participant who has a team must select a company that their team is going to analyse
  • Each participant must familiarise themselves with official rules and policies

First Round

  • Participants have to validate selected companies with NES BFS team
    • After the registration every team will receive the confirmation of their choice
  • The task is to submit one-pager with brief description of their analysis and recommendation
  • The round will be rated as “pass” for the team if the deadline will be submitted without evaluation of the work
    • We will provide support and feedback for participants with possibility of discussion sessions
    • We take record of all the teams with and without “pass”

Final Round and NES Investment Research Day

Final Round

  • Each team has to prepare slides with a pitch of their investment recommendation. The required sections are:
    • Stock Performance
    • Investment Recommendation
    • Business Description
    • Competitive Positioning
  • Submit their slides prior 3 days to final round
    • NES BFS will make sure that students are well prepared for final round and provide final remarks
  • Present their slides in front of the judges during “The NES investment Research Day” and receive feedback from judges


HR Sessions and Lectures

  • We organise HR sessions from HR departments of judge’s companies for the participants of the final round
  • Organise lectures from NES professors

Our Judges


Feedback and Grading

Judges will assess the presentation by 5 sections.  Grade for each section will be an average of judges’ grades

  • Speech & Presentation
  • Slides’ Structure & Design
  • Reasonable Valuation
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company & Operations Analysis
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