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Dear Friends,

We are happy to inform you that on December, 3 at 19:00 the meeting with Alexey Antonov, founder of hedge fund Algona Capital will be held. The meeting will be held with support from the NES DeFi 2025 club.

The meeting will be dedicated to investing on crypto and fund markets. Alexey will tell us about the last investment trends, ways of choosing a trading strategy and how to find investment ideas. The speaker will share his experience in management of a fund that specialises in investment management of a broad range of assets, ranging from the crypto derivatives market to blue chip investments. Alexey will also tell us about his career path and share some insights in the building of a successful career in investments.

In 2016 Alexey founded his hedge fund Algona Capital and conducted several successful ICO. The biggest of them, for the SOMN project, raised $42 million. As a financial market and crypto consultant Alex participates in worldwide conferences and gives public lectures in such universities as The University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University College London.

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