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Dear friends,
We are happy to announce that the meeting with Igor Gorshunov, CFO at SBER Logistics, will be held on October, 25 at 12:00.
Igor has twelve years experience in corporate finance management in various sectors of the economy.    
At the meeting Igor will talk about his eventful career path. Igor has worked in different fields: from PE funds and asset management to oil & gas and manufacturing companies. We will discuss the latest trends in financial departments and the challenges faced by company CFOs. Also we will talk about the creation of ecosystems and how it affects the company performance within the system. We will address the retail industry in context of the pandemic’s impact on logistics and delivery services.
Igor graduated from MIPT and got his Master’s degree at New Economic School in 2004. Then he got a consultant position in Deloitte, where he worked in financial modeling and M&A. Аfter Igor moved to the position of Division Financial Director in Investlesprom, a PE fund. Igor has been a CFO in companies such as Ugragazpererabotka, Henderson and WayRay in Switzerland. In 2015 Igor received an MBA degree from a joint program of leading world business schools. He also held a position of Director of Business Development at Joom. Now Igor is a CFO at SBER Logistics.
The event will be interesting for everyone who plans to build a career in corporate finance, is interested in projects that are performed within the financial functions of the companies, follows the trends of the financial industry and thinks about studying or working abroad.
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